Self-Driving Cars: Where Are We At?

Some of the technology dreamt up in science fiction movies is now becoming a reality!
But what about self-driving cars? Where are we at with these new innovations in transportation?
The cell phones we carry in this age are far more powerful than Star Trek’s communicators. Our computers are talking to us with far more acuity than HAL from the first real sci-fi movie, 2001 a Space Odyssey.  And we can Skype with our friends halfway around the world….even further than Jane Jetson!
Image:1960s Artists rendering of self-driving cars

Will Hollywood’s self-driving cars turn out even better than we could have imagined?
After doing the research for this article, I have to think so. Take a look at the latest, most credible, video-shares I could find on this foreseeable innovation.
(I should mention that there are countless self-driving car videos on the web, but most are made by companies I can’t verify as credible, or too old to be relevant; so in terms of your time spent here today, I’m confident I found the best information for us.)
The following four videos will bring you up to speed (pun intended) on the future of self-driving cars.
First up, a great overview from March 17, 2015, from Protin Pictures done for a Magazine:

So the safety issues with self-driving cars seem to be the major driver behind the relatively slow nature of this innovation. (Another pun. I couldn’t help myself.)  However, I wonder if the slow process is, in fact, the biggest positive of this invention.  I, personally, know many people who await the self-driving car for the “advantage” of more time on their cell phone.
While some already are taking that liberty (yikes!), I’m not sure that’s what the earliest thought leaders were aiming for with self-driving cars. Most imagined a safer roadway and more time to actually connect with each other as passengers.

A future filled with possiblity…

Take a look at this next piece with Chris Urmson, the director of Google’s Self-Driving Cars Project, explaining the program’s future possibilities:

How does it work?
OK… now that we know the history, motivation and possible contributions of the self-driving car, how does it actually work?
Here’s a video that brings that into focus:
So this is where we are in the process of bringing forth the self-driving car.
What about the human experience? After all is said and done, we won’t embrace it unless it lifts us up in some way. Here’s a lovely piece that demonstrates the empowering wonder this technology will bring us…